TIO3  & MaisonCaro,  Sarah Walker & Karolien Notaerts.

Hidden blinds.

dscn6793Hiddenblinds is a concept that started during the creation of ‘talking pillow’, another project in collaboration with TIO3. Where ‘talking pillow’ focusses on a social event, hiddenblinds want to be part of an environment; integrated & interactive. Where smart textiles become human and virtual becomes real. The project focusses on creating poetical experiences in environments using smart textiles. MaisonCaro started the research toghether with 2interns.

Two internships by TIO3 Sarah Walker from Nottingham and Karolien Notaerts will start this research during one month. Their daily questions and findings will be posted on this blog. Sarah is Masterstudent  in Textile design and Innovation at Nottingham Trent University. Karolien Notaerts is student at interieurarchitectuur Sint-Lucas Gent


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