“From the 1920’s to the 1960’s and beyond, it explored the mysterious dreamworld of the unconscious mind. Inspired by the new field of psychoanalysis, artist such as René Magritte painted illogical scenes with unnerving precision,…surrealist pictures depict a familiar yet alien world of dreamlike serenity and nightmarisch fantasy,..” – Mary Ann Caws on Surrealism.

Wow – suite

Whotel HongKong – 2012
MaisonCaro designed a performance and the scenography to indulge the viewer. She designed a tableaux vivant which is a manipulation of the perception so that the visitor feels differently. The purpose of this experience is to communicate a feeling, to cherish and to create long lasting relationships. I tried to design an experience with all senses, an experience you will not soon forget. An experience to slow down, to tell a story and to cultivate an ideal environment to view the young Belgian Fashion Designers.

Commissioned by Flanders Fashion Institute, Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode and Modo Brussels

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Belgian Spirit